You will get high security and secure data communication encryption and get super best VPN protocol

Using VPN (Virtual private networks) you will like having sophisticated military transportation with a high level of security while surfing the internet. No one will dare to approach and rob your important private data. And we provide transportation with the design and system of server networks that have been tested.

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What is a VPN or Virtual Private Network ?

Virtual private network or abbreviated as VPN is travel traffic
or most experts call by going through a tunnel that is safe from data theft and penetrating blocked sites by changing or disguising your ip address with the server.

What is PPTP VPN ?

We will not explain in detail what PPTP is and how the process runs using the PPTP protocol. But one thing we want to say is that PPTP is the most easy to use VPN protocol, data security that is maintained and encrypted, and high speed without going through a complicated configuration and no need to install applications or supporting software. that was like we said. very easy to use. All you need to do is get the best VPN service with 3 clicks :

First Click

Select the server that is on the continent you want. We have provided the best servers in every country in five major continents, namely Asia, America, Europe and Africa

Second Click

After you first click we will present the best variety of servers in each country according to the continent you selected. Like Asia continent, Europe continent, and Africa continent. So ... look and choose according to your needs and desires. We will make you feel that you are in that country according to which country server you choose when surfing the internet

Third Click

Type in a username and password that you can easily remember and don't give to others (because it will affect the performance of the server for you to use).

With only 3 clicks and you're still not sure? This is the reason why you should choose us
High & Always Controlled Security

We always try to innovate to create the best security on the stability of server performance for all our clients. One of those efforts, we realized in the case that the server admin is always ready to monitor and control the performance of the server.

Super Best Speed VPN Performance

In accordance with our first motto of course, by always maintaining and monitoring the performance of existing servers will always maintain the stability of the speed of our servers. Because a stable speed on a server is one of the very important foundations for us in building this PPTP VPN Server

Responsive To The Problem Client

We will be ready in every handling, complaints, and problems that occur on our server which results in user inconvenience in using our services. Because we really understand, that we need you so we can always innovate, work and survive

Experienced In Managing Servers

Until now the work and contributions that we have made have been poured on the website,,,,, and This website is the latest product created thanks to encouragement and motivation from our clients from various countries.

Focus On PPTP VPN Server

We only focus all servers on this website to provide PPTP - VPN services, not for others.

Comfort In Serving Clients

Until now we are still able to work because of the enthusiasm, support, criticism and suggestions from all clients. For that we will always strive at all times to create comfort for clients who use our services. Once again we really understand that we need you so we can always innovate and give birth to new works


Country Port Bandwith Action
Asia 1723 Unlimited
Europe 1723 Unlimited
America 1723 Unlimited
Afrika 1723 Unlimited
Amerika Latin 1723 Unlimited