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The Advantage Of Using PPTP VPN

Hide Ip

Your IP address will not be visible

By using PPTP VPN. There will not be any person or device controlled to be able to see your ip address.

REMEMBER...IP Address is your identity in the internet world. so don't let anyone know without your permission and knowledge. If there are people who know your personal identity or ip address of your device, get ready and be aware of your data will be utilized


Security when surfing the internet

Imagine if you were robbed or lost? because there is no challenging preparation before adventuring. Of course your journey will not be comfortable and will encounter more obstacles along your adventure journey. Such is the parable when you surf the internet without using PPTP VPN. By using PPTP VPN from you don't need to fear your personal data will be taken without your permission.

Access to all websites in the world

Yes, right ... using PPTP VPN as if you were in a special lane, tunnel, special gate and whatever term was mentioned by many people for this. You will be able to access any website throughout the world using the PPTP VPN server from various countries that we have provided (Bypass filter web). Because we believe you agree that surfing the internet is a freedom that cannot be shackled.


Do not use your data for our benefit

Trust us or not as your partner. that is your right. but our commitment and integrity will be maintained whenever we want. We don't see the slightest bit, let alone use your data to take advantage. This website was born thanks to the support of our loyal partners on the services that have been there before. We are aware that we remain because of your support. Trust and support us to always innovate and provide the best service for you