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Our VPN services cannot be used for activities prohibited by applicable law in any country. To prevent our services being used illegally, exploited, misused or caused damage to individuals or to certain bodies / groups / organizations / countries. In this case we enforce regulations that apply to all types of accounts. By using our VPN service, you agree not to do this below :

  • Attempt or commit any illegal, law infringing, abusive, fraudulent, criminal activity including but not limited to cracking (often misspelled "hacking" : any act to break a security system), credit card fraud, use of stolen credit card, financial fraud, phising or other semilar accivities.

  • Send or transmit span or any unsolicited advertisements or contents.

  • Attempt or commit exploitation or abuse of our service by any way including but not limited to network bandwidth exploitation such as denial of service (DOS) or Distributed Denial of service (DDOS), restrict or inhibit other subscriber to use or enjoy our services, disturb or interface with our website or network service or other similar activities.

  • Upload, download, transmit, distribute, or copy any digital information (including but not limited to text, photo, audio, video files and computer programs) covered by copyright or any other proprietary right without first having obtained permission from the right owner.

  • Use the service for other than lawful purposes.

Accounts of users found to be in violation of one of these conditions will immediately be suspended without notice and we are not responsible for the risks that arise for violations that have been committed