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How to use PPTP VPN

First Step


The first step is to click open network and internet settings on the right corner of the taskbar on your laptop or PC.

Second Step


After you make the first step. as in the second step picture, click the VPN menu and click add a VPN connection.

Third step


The next step in the connection name column you fill with and in the server name or address column, type the ip address server that you have selected on our website (when you have successfully created an account we have displayed user notifications and the existing ip address of the server is selected). Then after you make sure that it is correct in filling in the server column name or address according to the ip address we gave click save.

Fourth step


Then after passing the third step you will return to the second step. But pay attention to the VPN menu according to the picture above. See you have successfully added VPN Connection according to the name you have given in the third step and click on

Fifth step


then after clicking the VPN name you just added namely, click the connect button.

Sixth step


Then in the popup that appears as shown above. type the user and password that you created earlier on the website.

Seventh step


If all of the steps mentioned above have been followed correctly, you can be sure that the VPN with the PPTP protocol is connected like the example above.

Eighth step


if you still can't connect using the PPTP VPN protocol. Double-check what you've typed and input before by clicking advanced options.

Ninth step


Then in this step, make sure you are correct and in accordance with the Ip Address input according to what is on the website. Next also with inputting your username and password. For that it is very important for you to remember and record your username, password, ip server and expired date when you have successfully created a user